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Our Team

Say hello to the team at Zion Lutheran Church!

Meet our team

Hello from the team at Zion Lutheran Church. Send us a message with any questions you may have?

John Streccius - Lead Pastor

Pastor John has served as Zion's Lead Pastor since 1999.

Contact Pastor John

Phone: 701-721-0707


Natasha Woitzel-Kolles - Associate Pastor

Pastor Natasha has served as the Associate Pastor at Zion since 2018.

Contact Pastor Natasha

Phone: 701-230-1632


Chris Torgeson - Education Director

Chris joined the Zion team in 2008 as the Education Director.

Contact Chris

Phone: 701-852-1872


Kortni Plorin - Youth Director

Kortni joined the Zion Lutheran Church team in 2018 as the Youth Director (grades 6th-12th).

Contact Kortni

Phone: 701-852-1872


Karen Olson - Office Administrator

Karen has served as Zion's Office Administrator since 2016.

Contact Karen

Phone: 701-852-1872


Melody Sundbakken - Administrative Assistant

Melody has served Zion since 2017 starting as a part-time Education Assistant and is now Zion's full-time Administrative Assistant.

Contact Melody

Phone: 701-852-1872


Eric Burckhard - Custodian & Production Technician

Eric has served Zion since 2014 as the Custodian (jack of all trades & master of most). In 2020, live-streaming services and events along with recorded video became another important role he plays.

Contact Eric

Phone: 701-852-1872

Brian White - Music Director

Brian has served as Zion's Music Director since 2019.

Contact Brian:


Mary Lauinger - Bookkeeper

Mary is a new addition to our team. She started in March 2021 as our Bookkeeper.

Contact Mary