Christmas Eve Worship Services 1:30pm & 3:30pm: Family Service 5:30pm & 10pm: Traditional Candle Light Service

Food, Faith & Family Suppers

Served by Zion members & families from 5:15-6:00

Food Faith Family Meals (FFF)

Wednesday evenings are busy with opportunities for education here at Zion. All activities take place around a meal at 5:15 p.m. called Food, Faith, and Family (FFF).

  • Meals are inexpensive - suggested donation for meals are $3/person or $12/family
  • Meals are prepared by serving groups consisting of 3-4 Zion families & members.
  • FFF is a great opportunity for you & your family to get to know other Zion members & friends in a relaxed setting.
  • Activities for your children on a Wednesday evening includes Church School, Confirmation, and Youth Group.

Wondering what we're having? Check the Zion Calendar or Zion's Facebook page.

Like to cook? Like to spend times with your friends & other families?

Great! Here is your chance to take part in this fun ministry.

  • Join a team or start a new one with your family friends.
  • Your team selects, prepares & serves the FFF Meal along with clean-up afterwards.
  • Recipes are available in the kitchen or use one of your own.
  • All food will be purchased for your team from the grocery list you provide a week or two in advance.
  • Your team will serve on a rotating schedule. If your team is unable to serve on your assigned evening, check with another group and switch weeks with them.

Do you feel a calling for this ministry? If so, contact the office or message us with the button below.