Grades 6-12

Confirmation at Zion

Our confirmation program focuses on learning, serving, and relationship building. In our confirmation program, kids in grades 6-10 will walk with our staff, their peers, adult leaders, and our congregation members through their own faith journey. During this time, they will study an overview of the Bible and basic Lutheran beliefs along with topics such as: Old Testament, New Testament, Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, The 10 Commandments, Luther’s Small Catechism, and Lutheran living. 

So...where do I start?

Great question! No matter what grade your child is in, they can jump right into our confirmation program, but here is a quick overview on where you might start depending on your student's age.

Grades 6-8

For students in grades 6th-8th grade, our confirmation program is on a 3 week rotation. Week 1- 6th-8th graders all together onsite (in class) learning together. Week 2- 7th & 8th graders go offsite (hands on learning) and 6th graders stay onsite (at the church) for class. Week 3- 6th graders go offsite for hands on learning and 7th & 8th graders stay onsite (at the church) for class. Class starts 7pm on Wednesday night, but we ask that the students also attend Wednesday night worship that starts at 6:15pm. All three grades will be in class together learning and discussing that week’s lesson in our sanctuary. The lesson will typically follow the readings from the worship services that week. This is a great way for the students to hear the readings multiple times and here different perspectives of the reading/sermon. This class will be led by our Associate Pastor and Youth Director.

Within each grade, the students are broken down into small groups of 4-8 kids that is led by 2-3 adult leaders. These group are together from the beginning of their 6th grade years all the way though the end of their 9th grade year. We love our small groups because the students are able to connect with one another over many years and through many different topics along with have 2-3 trusting adults to help guide this relationship building process. 

Grades 9-10

In 9th grade, your student will meet roughly once a month for class to discuss the topic of Lutheran Living with one of our pastors. There is also the possibility of some service projects, too! When they move into 10th grade, your student will have a “Mentor Year.” This year is very important in our congregation and we feel it is important to your child’s faith journey as well. Your student will choose a congregation member to walk with them through a series of topics regarding their faith. More information will be provided to you and your student their 10th grade year.

Will my child ever get confirmed?


We believe that Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism is not the end all be all of our faith journey. We want to walk with our students as long as possible and encourage them to ask those hard questions and dive deeper into their faith. The fall of their 11th grade year is when we your child will go through their Affirmation of Baptism.