Building a Culture of Generosity

Stewardship Drive for 2022

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Kickoff Letter

October 1, 2021


Dear Zion Church Family,


Generosity is all around us, but sometimes we have to look for it. In the feeding of the 5,000 story in the Bible, significant generosity happened once the child shared (John 6:9). That is how it is here. Once we begin to share, we will see that God has blessed us with plenty.


Building a Culture of Generosity is the theme of our fall stewardship appeal. This theme points us to the generosity that we have witnessed around our church over the last year, but also points us to know that we can grow into this in even more profound ways.


When the pandemic began in March of 2020, many of us worried there would not be enough. Our ministry remained strong and in fact, many of us recognized just how critically important this community is to our faith. Our grateful response in generosity helps to demonstrate to us and to the world around us that in fact God has provided us everything and we have enough, even enough to share.


In the weeks ahead, you will be hearing more about generosity. Newsletter articles, mission moments, letters and more will be used to share this story and our hopes for an even more robust ministry next year. So, in the coming weeks, please engage with the materials. Pray about how you can become more generous. Then, during intent week (Saturday October 30, Sunday October 31, and Wednesday, November 3) please bring your intent card with you to declare the generosity that you intend to share with this congregation.


Thank you for being part of this exciting congregation. Pray for our common work together as we continue to reach out with the Gospel.


Sincerely in Christ,

John Streccius                                     Kristi Burgess

Senior Pastor                                      Council President


P.S. Your intent card will be mailed to your home the week of October 24 for you to return on October 30-31 or November 3.